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COSMOS: A personal voyage by Jon Lomberg
(By Jon Lomberg)                                                                Read and Download

6        Travellers´ Tales
6.2     21st century explorers
            (By Antonio Huertas Peña)                                    Read and Download

9        The Lives of the Stars

9.3     Chemistry as the Origin of the Molecular Universe
            (By Elena Jiménez Martínez)                                Read and Download
9.7     Gravity and its effects
            (By Luis J. Goicoechea Santamaría)                    Read and Download
9.8     A universe in constant evolution
            (By Leonardo Fernández Jambrina)                     Read and Download

11        The persistence of memory

11.4   Quantum supremacy: I, for one, welcome our new quantum overlords
            (By Elías Fernández-Combarro Álvarez)              Read and Download

12        Encyclopaedia Galactica

12.1   A Solution to the Fermi Paradox     *
            (By Beatriz Gato Rivera)                                         Read and Download
12.4   Searching for fish in the cosmic ocean
            (By J. Emilio Enríquez Rascón)                              Read and Download


Appendix 1     Reduction to absurdity ans square root of 2
14.1    Knowing how to lose in science: when you don´t like the results
(By Emilio Tejera Puente)                                                   Read and Download

Appendix 2     The five Pythagorean solids
14.2    The shape of the world
(By Enrique Macías Virgós)                                               Read and Download

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